Company History

Our company has roots dating back to 1964 when Dan Hayes started in the metal building business.  Dan formed Industrial Structures, Inc. in Michigan and later Hawaiian Industrial Structures, Inc. in Hawaii.

As a foreman for Dan in Michigan, William Crocker “Bill” came to Hawaii with Dan in 2006 to head up his crew to meet the growing metal building industry in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In 2009, Bill Crocker formed Hawaii Industrial Structures, Inc.  Bill has his ABC License and is fully insured.  Dan Hayes has stayed on with Bill on a consultant basis.

Bill is actively involved in the supervision, erection, and finish work of all of his construction projects.  The company currently has a dynamic erection crew, excavation and site work crew, sales and office staff.  Our steady growth is attributed to maintaining employment of qualified and experienced employees who have the knowledge and skills to provide professional results and to maintaining a quality line of vendors.

We have expanded into the conventional steel, general construction and renovation markets.  To better serve our clients and provide them with a turnkey building.  We have also, matured into the finished office space market as well.

We are proud of the building projects and satisfied clients that we have developed over the years and look forward to working along side you on your next building project.