Project History

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Project Start DateProject End DateProject NameClassificationNumber of WorkersDuration of Supervisory Experience
December 10, 2011July 10, 2012Pleasant Aircraft
See the Pleasant Aircraft Project Photo Gallery
ABC406 Months
July 2012December 2012Manfredi Residence and Dog Kennel
See the Manfredi House Project Photo Gallery
ABC256 Months
January 2, 2012March 2012Gecko Farms
See the Gecko Farms Project Photo Gallery
ABC122 Months
March 25, 2012 July 2012Ramar Foods International
See the Ramar Foods International Project Photo Gallery
ABC404 Months
April 2012September 2012Paina Hawaii Papaya
See the Paina Hawaii Papaya Project Photo Gallery
ABC506 Months
June 7, 2012November 1, 2012Hawaii Food Service Alliance
See the Hawaii Food Service Alliance Project Photo Gallery
ABC505 Months
October 2012CurrentAuwahi Wind Energy Farm Maui
See the Auwahi Wind Energy Farm Maui Project Photo Gallery
October 2012CurrentSouth Pacific Steel
See the South Pacific Steel Project Photo Gallery
ABC501 Year
January 10, 2010January 30, 2010Waimanalo ProjectABC43 Weeks
April 2009December 2009FedEx GroundABC60+8 Months
February 2009October 2009Hawaiian Air Ambulance ABC40+8 Months
November 2008February 2009Mokulele Airlines Hangar FacilityABC40+3 Months
May 15, 2009November 1, 2009Makani Kai Helecopter Hangar FacilityABC50+9 Months
September 2007May 12, 2008Dorvin D Leis Hangar Facility
ABC50+9 Months
June 5, 2006September 2007Pacific Air Cargo Hangar FacilityABC75+ 1 Year, 3 Months